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1. Supernursejulie landing at CSC...

2. April 2013 Fourway--First group jump after the winter

April 2013 Fourway--First group jump after the winter

This is a fourway jump that I did at CSC. I'm the one in orange. The first after having the winter off. As you can see, my exits leave MUCH to be desired. However, I did do relatively well...

3. Jump number 32

Jump number 32

This is a group jump I did on jump number 32. We didn't quite get the wedge formation together. This is also the jump where I corkscrewed myself into the asphalt. No video of that one though....

4. Julie's first AFF skydive

Julie's first AFF skydive

This is an unedited video of my first AFF jump at Chicagoland Skydiving Center. I'm the one with the bright red hair sticking out of my helmet. I was very nervous making my way to the door...

5. Julie's Level 5 skydive

Julie's Level 5 skydive

This is my level five skydive. Not too shabby. Very happy with it. Nice stable exit, smooth turns, clean opening. I did flub the landing a bit, which I have no video of. I actually broke...

6. Chicagoland Skydiving Center

7. AryansCSC.mp4


Aryans performing live @ CSC Noida --- Samskruti 2011.

8. My 40th jump

My 40th jump

My 40th jump. Not too shabby. I flailed a lot on exit (still). Getting better though. And the landing (which is not shown) was awesome. Stood it up. This video is only 24 sec long because the...

9. April 2013 Hop 'n Pop

April 2013 Hop 'n Pop

A hop 'n Pop I did. My biggest thing here is that I exited way too soon. I needed more separation. I'm not the one jumping. I'm the next one.

10. julie.... level jump

11. Julie's First Tandem Skydive

Julie's First Tandem Skydive

A nostalgic look back at my first skydive. I did my first (and second) tandem skydive in Hinckley, Illinois at Chicagoland Skydiving Center on September 4, 2010 (the following season they...

12. Julie's AFF 2 Skydive (Main side)

Julie's AFF 2 Skydive (Main side)

This is my AFF 2 Skydive. It is an unedited video. I really gotta quit trying to kick my own ass at pull time. After I pull my main, the rest of the video is of the MSJM's ride down and...

13. Jarrod archery form

  • Published: Jun 02, 2014
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By Jarrod Ball
Jarrod archery form

Created with Coach's Eye. Try it out: Recurve Archery Form Study and practice with Hoyt Ion-X.

14. Emma learning to balance

Emma learning to balance

Here is my dog Emma. I'm getting her to balance on a ball. This is step one. I'm holding the ball. We will add in step two (me NOT holding the ball) later.

15. AFF Level 3 (Take one!)

AFF Level  3 (Take one!)

This is my level 3 AFF skydive. Well, the first try anyway. I managed to loose my reserve side jumpmaster right out of the door! Like the pro he is, he caught up to me and we continued the...

16. Level four (c-2) AFF

Level four (c-2) AFF

Things are actually clicking in my head now on this dive. My exit was a little rushed, but I got stable reasonably quick. I did my 90 degree turns well. I flew my landing pattern with minimal...

17. Julie's AFF 2 (Reserve side)

Julie's AFF 2 (Reserve side)

This is the reserve side view for my AFF2 jump. Chicagoland Skydiving Center 5-20-2011 Here is the main side video:

18. snow load skydive pa 12-28-2013

snow load skydive pa 12-28-2013

jump number 62 in the civilian world ...jump number 215 including my military jumps ...

19. Street Dancing Goa Oration 2014.. By CSC Noida TM Club members.

Street Dancing Goa Oration 2014.. By CSC Noida TM Club members.

Street Dancing Goa Oration 2014.. By CSC Noida TM Club members. Apoorva Mishra, Sagar Taneja, Jasmine Dhingra and Kshiteesh Shukla.

20. CSC Fashion Show Mast masala 2011

  • Published: May 22, 2011
  • Duration: Unknown
  • By muruli