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1. Chamber Lock Lyrics

Chamber Lock Lyrics

Ayo TyY wassup man it's the big hmoie himself. Lil Newport, the Puerto Rican Bobby Brown A.K.A Carlos Xantana bake, pop a pill, I see you out there in London with them London boys [?] boys and all tha

2. B-Boy Lyrics

B-Boy Lyrics

"B Boy" (feat. A$AP Ferg & Big Sean) All that ass, Lord have mercy All that champagne, these bitches thirsty rchy, no hold up, I meant Versace I prolly pull up Roberto over Cavalli Puffin' on Cali, pr

3. Blessings (Remix) Lyrics

Blessings (Remix) Lyrics

Look, I feel blessed Way up, I feel blessed, way up, I feel blessed (I, straight up, look) I live the life I deserve, blessed Fuck a vacay I feel better at work I mean whatever it's worth, I give wha

4. Lit Lyrics

Lit Lyrics

She wanna She wanna She wanna pour some She wanna roll some We with the shits She wanna She wanna pour some She wanna roll some We with the shits It's time to get lit She wanna pour some She wanna r

5. Sosa Style Lyrics

Sosa Style Lyrics

sh to Face, that's the antidote Cops pull us over, don't panic ho Hey, hittin' home runs just like Sammy Sosa I'm smokin' dope, you smokin cantaloupe You smokin' watermelon, you smoke fruit pack Where

6. Tina Turn Up Needs a Tune Up Lyrics

Tina Turn Up Needs a Tune Up Lyrics

ntro] What I was saying earlier was that I'm tired of niggas just getting shit they don't deserve That don't belong to them blood, I'm a thief I'm a thief, I take your soul I take your heart, I take y

7. Chiraq (Freestyle) Lyrics

Chiraq (Freestyle) Lyrics

Beast Beast (Ha) My money late there's no explanation, no conversation Just confrontation, they never safe, it's no combination That chopper handle your accommodations On beast mode and my new flow i

8. That's a No No Lyrics

That's a No No Lyrics

All that foo shit, damn thats a no no Thats a no no, fredo n lil reese man you already know how we rockin Damn that foo shit i ain't wit it thats a no no Wifing all these thots, thats a no no! Commin

9. Paradise Lyrics

Paradise Lyrics

If you need a ride, I can tell you're tryna find your way But you can't hide your desire to run off one way, now Take my hand, you're in good care Don't you worry, it's where you wanna be Together, yo

10. High Fashion Lyrics

High Fashion Lyrics

We, we, we, we predicted this you hear me, we predicted this See how ya'll at me, it's how they at me Tryin' catch me, tryin' snatch us Fly and flashy Say I'm fashion I'm high fashion, I'm on acid I

11. Dreaming Lyrics

Dreaming Lyrics

Rick James bih Party like im Rick James bih ride around getn it blowing money on my main bitch bumpn 2 Chains bumpin 2 Chains in the Rang Rove in tha damn thang aint a fluke baby aint a fluke baby cuz

12. Stand For Lyrics

Stand For Lyrics

If you believe in somethin', then stand for it Said I stand for my niggas doin' life Free my niggas right right now And I stand for my bitches doin' right Up early cookin' breakfast, comin' home at n

13. Drinks On Us (Remix) Lyrics

Drinks On Us (Remix) Lyrics

You know I been on now, then, and I'm next Every year my year, you know I always wanna flex Got a couple villains who can't make it out the set I'll probably sneak a couple on this motherfuckin' jet

14. Have You Ever Lyrics

Have You Ever Lyrics

Doing good yeah, Rich Homie baby Tell me are you ever seen Young nigga be flat, ok Tell me have you ever you seen a close nigga hating on? Have you ever seen a broke a nigga land on Tell me have you

15. She Knows (Remix) Lyrics

She Knows (Remix) Lyrics

What's up with that rabbit? What's up with that rabbit? She good well if she good with that ass all over my carrot Took her straight to Paris, pause before the carrot Soon as I pull it down, I swear t

16. One Thang Bout It Lyrics

One Thang Bout It Lyrics

One thang about it Its one thing about it One thing about it Aye its 1 thang about it Nine times outa ten yo girl wit me one thing about two thangs for sho 3 thang fah certain im bout it bout it No Ma

17. On God Lyrics

On God Lyrics

I might just steal yo bitch, that's on God I might pull up in that 6, that's on God All my homies off the shits, that's on God All these bitches off the shits, that's on God Aye, aye, that's on God (o

18. Crossfire, Part II (feat. Talib Kweli & KillaGraham) Lyrics

Crossfire, Part II (feat. Talib Kweli & KillaGraham) Lyrics

he trade his guns for love but he's caught in the crossfire and he keeps waking up but it's not to the sound of birds the tyranny the violent streets deprived of all that we're blessed with and we can

19. White Privilege II (feat. Jamila Woods) Lyrics

White Privilege II (feat. Jamila Woods) Lyrics

Pulled into the parking lot, parked it Zipped up my parka, joined the procession of marchers In my head like, "Is this awkward? Should I even be here marching?" Thinking if they can't, how can I breat

20. Everyday (DJ Affect Remix) [feat. Tyga] Lyrics

Everyday (DJ Affect Remix) [feat. Tyga] Lyrics

everyday Oh, there she goes she knows how to set my heart on fire promise to love you everyday don't wanna bug you everyday spend some time everyday as for mine hey hey hey hey never seen your face a