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This last November 2011, I was honored to be a featured artist of the Fresno Arts Council “Dining with the Artist” event.  A table was named in my honor and people paid $100 to attend.  I was indeed humbled.  Even more so when I first learned of the other creative people who would be honored along with me:  Glen Delpit, E.Z. Smith, Peter Everwine, Art Dyson, Bill Clark, and Bob Kliss.  It was a fun night.  What follows is the artist bio that was read of me at the event.

Aileen Rodriguez Imperatrice

Aileen has had an interest in art since very young.  Growing up she would make her own art supplies and took the one art class available to her in high school 2 years in a row, as approved by the art teacher who recognized her drive and talent.  Upon graduation from California State University, Fresno in 1992 with a B.A. in Art/Design, Aileen was soon hired to Neighbors Newspaper, a subsidiary of The Fresno Bee, as a graphic artist, soon after promoted to Advertising Coordinator.  Within 3 years Aileen was promoted to The Fresno Bee in the I.T. department and would continue employment there until December 1998.  Although the Publisher offered and employed Aileen in other creative projects, she felt it was time to leave and put full attention into her burgeoning fine art career.  Aileen also made a decision to concentrate further employment into the arts.  Since then she has worked as a freelance graphic artist, been employed by the Fresno Arts Council, first as a freelance artist in charge of the ArtHop brochure and participant communications, then as the Program Coordinator for the ArtHop Program, Fresno City Hall exhibits and artist and public communications, while also providing administrative assistance to the Alliance of California Traditional Arts. 

In the greater Fresno arts community Aileen has been on the board with the Memorial Auditorium Restoration Society, the founding board of the Fresno Coalition of Arts, Science and History – FCASH (now Valley Cultural Coalition – VCC), served on the committees defining the Fresno Cultural Arts Plan, the Arts Festival Board for the Fresno Chamber of Commerce, the Art Committee Chair and member/advisor for the San Joaquin River Parkway Trust, curriculum advisor to Institute of Technology,  the Tower District Marketing Committees, and on the Board of the Fresno Rogue Festival serving as President from 2006-2009 (advisor to mid 2010), Rogue Art Gallery Artist Coordinator-began arts component with Marcel Nunis and Daniel Ball, Venue Manager, and served as a core staff member from 2002-2012. She has also served as an arts consultant to organizations, galleries and museums and contributed articles for magazines and newspapers.  Aileen has judged art competitions including the Fresno Fair Fine Art, California Congressional Art, Fresno Philharmonic Music & Art Contest, the Lindsey Mural Symposium, Kings River Arts Council, Fresno County Library, Fresno Arts Council City Hall Exhibitions, the Alliance of California Artists, to name a few.  Aileen also wrote the Art Review column for Fresno Magazine from November 2009 until September 2011, she produces and hosts a video series “Found in . . . Fresno” and has begun producing and hosting a television and online show “Artist to Artist” through the Community Media Access Collaborative (CMAC) studios. 

As a visual artist, after showing and selling her work while finishing college and working at other offices, Aileen began as a full-time artist exhibiting her work in a public studio of her own in 1999, followed by two other moves.  In 2002 Aileen and her husband Tony acquired the building that would become known as Ashtree Studios and would exhibit and sell her art, along with hosting and participating in many events, festivals, live performances, rehearsals, other art shows and other artists’ studios until closing their doors at the end of June 2010.  In her art career, Aileen has exhibited work all over the country and currently has work in a museum permanent collection in Italy.  Her work is sought after by private collectors and exhibited regularly through ArtHop.  She has won awards through local galleries and the Fresno Fair.  Aileen has also given presentations and lectures on her art and her life as an artist to many audiences including special events, organizations and educational forums.  Aileen has been fortunate to receive media coverage through local and national magazines, newspapers, tv, film, radio and online.  Aileen and her art have been featured on magazine, newspaper and program covers and been selected to represent events.

Some of Aileen’s most notable solo exhibitions have been: Fresno Pacific Towers (Security Bank Bldg.) entire 11th story luxury lofts which included being the featured artist for Creative Fresno, an exhibit at art collector/law offices of Dean Gordon, Coke Hallowell’s River Parkway Ranch House, Fresno Philharmonic featured artist, the Fresno Regional Foundation headquarters, CSU-Fresno Lyles Gallery, featured art in the “A Picasso” play (by The New Ensemble) onstage and in the lobby at Broken Leg Stage, GV Urban/Biz-Werx at 1600 Fulton, Downtown Fresno Broadway Studios, Boling Fine Arts Gallery, Fresno, Valley Public Television Cultural Arts Spotlight and documentary airing on “My Twist”, Mutual of Omaha “Aha Moment” commercial, the Community Media Access Collaborative Studios Grand Opening, and Aileen’s painting “Flamenco” was the 2008 Rogue Festival Muse and cover of LatinaStyle Magazine.  Her next big solo show will be June 2013 at the 1821 Calaveras Gallery in Downtown Fresno, California.

And here are images of some of the articles featuring me and my work:  (click on each one to see the entire image/read the articles)


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